Warehouse Design & Layout


In order to have an efficient and cost effective warehouse space, you need to:

  • Develop a master plan so that you have a “blueprint” of how the warehouse will look when complete
  • Make your purchase of a racking system based on this master plan, so that you locate your racks where it makes sense based on your overall plan
  • Not purchase racks ad-hoc and end up several years down the road with an odd assortment of racks that do not best suit your needs

Optima Storage Solutions will work with you to develop a master plan for your warehouse by:

  • Visiting your company onsite to discuss your operations and product mix
  • Creating auto-cad drawings indicating detailed racking layouts with elevations
  • Providing certified drawings that may be needed for any required permits

Optima Storage Solutions will not only work with you in the initial planning stage, but we offer “turn-key” services that include:

  • Initial consultations
  • Development of warehouse layout drawings
  • Product selection and sales
  • Installations
  • Racking maintenance