Mobile Shelving


RUT shelving is generally fixed to a mobile base that moves on tracks. This creates a mobile storage system that makes more space available in your present facility by compacting storage. By eliminating fixed aisles and leaving one "moving" aisle for access, your storage capacity will go up by approximately 80% without having to add a single square foot of valuable floor space to you current available space.


Mobile shelving consists of a mobile base on tracks with RUT shelving mounted on top.

The systems are mounted on chipboard panels with carpets to create a neat finish for a professional look.

A proven and durable base design houses simple but effective wheel mechanics which slides effortlessly over at least two tracks. The mobile base unit can be moved by pushing it or by turning a mechanism that drives the unit to the required position to allow access to another aisle. Designs vary from single deep to back to back and then 1 shelf to 6 shelves wide.

RUT shelving is the most common shelving units to be fitted on top of the mobile bases as these units are commonly used in office areas to optimise the storage of filling. It is therefore aesthetically pleasing to blend in with a professional environment.

Security is important when it comes to the storage of certain documents. Our system offers a locking device which ensures an entire block of mobile shelving units is locked.


Finish: Mobile shelving components are phosphate pre-treated, then powder coated and baked to give a glossy, durable high-quality finish. 'House' colours and galvanised finish available on request.

Material: All components are made from high quality steel. Every stage in the manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality procedures, developed through years of experience.

We use high quality steel and state of the art manufacturing technology, and all of our products undergoes stringent quality control.

Mobile shelving provides:

  • A saving on expensive floor space
  • Significant increase on storage capacity per meter of floor space
  • Reduced access time while improving productivity
System Name
Mobile Shelving
Description of System
Mobile base on tracks with RUT shelving units on top
Common Sizes
Width = 1900mm, Depth = 1000mm, Height = 2300mm
Type of items stored on system
Load by hand or forklift
Load by hand
Load capacities
160kg per shelf.
Story of system
Mobile Shelving allows up to 80% more space to be optimised for document or small part storage without using more than the original space.