Mezzanine Floors


Designed with extra space in mind without compromising on safety, strength and durability our mezzanine floors create optimum space. A well designed structure includes flooring to suite, hand railing and a staircase all combined and customized to meet the requirements of all customers.

Mezzanine floors can be installed in new or existing facilities and can add valuable space for manufacturing, material processing, storage or offices. Our mezzanine floors use secure bolt-together connections, and can be dismantled and relocated to new a warehouse or in the current warehouse.

Our mezzanines allow you to move up, not out when you are cramped for space and running out of room.

Types of Mezzanine Support

  • Rack Supported
  • Structural Supported
  • Shelving Supported


Rack supported mezzanine floors consist of racking frames and beams with flooring of choice.

Structural supported mezzanine floors consist of structural column and horizontal beams with flooring of choice.

Shelving supported mezzanine floors consist of shelving with flooring of choice.

Optima Storage Solutions will assist you from project conception through to completion with insight, ingenuity, engineering integrity and experience. Our team will analyze your space and requirements to design a mezzanine around your needs.

Columns and obstructions are easily accommodated with minimal loss of space. Openings and stairways can be located wherever they are required. Load capacity can be increased to accommodate heavy loads. Pallet gates can be integrated into the original design to ensure safe loading of pallets with materials handling equipment.

We offer many flooring options, loading gate, stairways, and colour options.

Flooring options include:

  • Steel open floor panels
  • Steel closed floor panels
  • Timber plywood in 22mm or 32mm thickness
  • Timber chipboard in 22mm or 32mm thickness
  • Mentis grid can be supplied for extreme heavy duty applications


Finish: Racking components are phosphate pre-treated, then powder coated and structural components wet painted and baked to give a glossy, durable high-quality finish. 'House' colours and galvanised finish available on request.

Material: All components are made from high quality steel. Every stage in the manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality procedures, developed through years of experience.

We use high quality steel and state of the art manufacturing technology, and all of our products undergoe stringent quality control.


Regulations stipulate a minimum load of 250Kg per m2 for office space and 500Kg per m2 for storage space. These regulations are adhered to at all times during the design process to ensure your and your working team's safety.

Handrails are a vital part of the structure and are also included on all staircases that lead to the floor level. Pallet gates allows for safe and easy loading of pallets onto the mezzanine floor.

Engineering certificates can be supplied on request. When presented to your insurance company it will most probably lead to a reduction on fees from their side.

Mezzanine floors provides:

  • Functional workspace to free up space on your production floor for storage or office space.
  • Customized solutions to maximize your available space.
  • A less expensive alternative than moving or expanding your current building.
  • Floor panel with large load capacity, low cost, quick construction
  • Ensures the fullest space utilization
  • A saving in travel time to and from multiple locations.
  • New production and assembly areas.
System Name
Mezzanine Floors
Description of System
Raised platform supported by racking, shelving or structural sections
Common Sizes
Width = 3500mm, Depth = 3500mm, Height = 3000mm
Type of items stored on system
Storage of office space
Load by hand or forklift
Load by hand or forklift
Load capacities
Office Space = 250Kg per m2 and Storage Space = 500Kg per m2.
Story of system
Mezzanine Floors are ideal for adding extra space at an existing facility without moving into a bigger more expensive building.