Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Systems


Designed for strength, durability, ease of assembly and operational reliability, our pallet racking system comprises a comprehensive choice of frames and beams which can be precisely selected and combined to meet the requirements of any heavy-duty storage application.

The pallet racking range can be configured to meet precise criteria, in terms of load volume and weight, accessibility, handling requirements and space utilisation, in the safest, most cost-effective way.

It's rigid column design coupled with its 4-point beam connection make it a solid choice for all racking needs.


Selective pallet rack consists of uprights and load beams.

Frames are available in a variety of depths, heights, and capacities. The frame depth is determined by the depth of the pallets being stored. Since a majority of pallets are 1000mm deep, the most common frame depth is 900mm (this allows for a 50mm pallet overhang on the front and rear side for safe loading). The frame height is determined by the ceiling height, the number of beam levels, and the reachable height of the materials handing equipment being used.

Beams are available in a variety of lengths and load capacities. The beam length is determined by the depth of the pallets being stored. Generally two pallets are stored side by side in a bay of rack. The most common beam lengths are 2743mm which allows for 2 x 1200mm wide pallets to be stored on a beam level. The beam capacity needed is determined by the maximum weights of the pallets being stored. 


Finish: Pallet racking components are phosphate pre-treated, then powder coated (some items wet painted) and baked to give a glossy, durable high-quality finish. 'House' colours and galvanised finish available on request.

Material: Pallet racking components are made from high quality steel. Every stage in the manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality procedures, developed through years of experience.

We use high quality steel and state of the art manufacturing technology, and all of our selective rack undergoes stringent quality control.


Due to an increase of regulations and strict enforcement pertaining to storage systems within industrial and retail establishments, Optima Storage Solutions has prudently chosen to refrain from publishing rack frame and beam capacity charts to the general public. 

Capacity charts of individual rack components are very limited in scope. The use of components by personnel not familiar with their strength and stability interactions in a given configuration can result in a deficient storage structure that poses serious safety hazards to one's workplace and employees. To comply with current regulations, Optima Storage Solutions will design an engineered storage system that will meet all applicable standards for our valued customers' unique requirements.

Should you have any questions or concerns with regard to the safe loading, use, or maintenance of your storage system, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for assistance with your needs. You and your employees deserve the peace of mind of dealing with a reputable supplier who puts workplace safety first

Selective pallet rack provides:

  • Offers an excellent solution for warehouses where it is necessary to keep a wide variety of products (SKUs).
  • Direct access to all pallets being stored.
  • Ability to handle one pallet without the need to move other pallets.
  • Easy stock control. Each pallet has it’s own pallet position.
  • Load flexibility, both in terms of weight and volume.
  • Beam levels can be repositioned or removed depending on your changes.
  • Excellent selectivity, improved productivity - each pallet has its own pick face
  • Flexible - no specialized lift trucks required
  • Assemble interlock structure, heavy duty capacity with compartment loading capacity up to 4,000kg
System Name
Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR)
Description of System
Frames and Beams
Common Sizes
Frame depth = 900mm, Frame height = 3650mm, Beam length = 2743mm
Type of items stored on system
Heavy palletized items
Load by hand or forklift
Load by forklift
Load capacities
From 500kg to 4000kg UDL per pair of beams / level. Total levels are determined by the maximum ceiling height, maximum reach height of forklift and customer requirements.
Story of system
APR is designed to carry a variety of loads in warehouses where forklifts are being used to load the preset beam levels with pallets.