Cantilever Racking


A Cantilever Rack is a multi-level, high storage, specialty rack designed to handle many types and sizes of products. With freedom from upright column interference, it allows easier product placement and removal.

These pallet racks are commonly used for stacking lumber, PVC pipes and similar long materials on. They are also designed to handle the weight of heavy loads. The cantilever design makes it easier to load and unload the pallet racks.


In its basic form, a one bay Cantilever Rack consists of two vertical columns with horizontal load bearing arms attached at various levels. The horizontal load bearing arms project out from one or both sides of the upright columns at approximately 90 degrees. Capacities for the arms are based on UDL.

  • Single Sided - Arms on one side of the vertical column which allows for loading on the one side only
  • Double Sided - Arms on both sides of the vertical column which allows for loading from both sides
  • Light Duty - Light lip channel sections
  • Standard Duty - Standard lip channel sections
  • Heavy Duty - Structural sections

Please note that we do not stock cantilever components. Each request we get from our clients is unique in the sense that each has a special application which requires different weight capacities, and the cantilever racking has to be designed for the client's needs.


Finish: Cantilever Racking components are phosphate pre-treated, then powder coated and structural components wet painted and baked to give a glossy, durable high-quality finish. 'House' colours and galvanised finish available on request.

Material: All components are made from high quality steel. Every stage in the manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality procedures, developed through years of experience.

We use high quality steel and state of the art manufacturing technology, and all of our products undergo stringent quality control.

Cantilever Racking provides:

  • Storage for awkward size items without interference of racking posts.
  • Offers an excellent solution for warehouses where it is necessary to keep a wide variety of products (SKUs).
  • Direct access to all pallets being stored.
  • Ability to handle one pallet without the need to move other pallets.
  • Easy stock control. Each pallet has its own pallet position.
  • Load flexibility, in terms of length, weight and volume.
System Name
Cantilever Racking
Description of System
Uprights and arms
Common Sizes
Each application is custom designed
Type of items stored on system
Long products not suitable for normal racking
Load by hand or forklift
Load by forklift
Load capacities
Each application is custom designed
Story of system
Cantilever racking allows freedom of storage for products that requires additional storage space without being hampered by frame uprights