Angle Shelving


Angle shelving is an industrial shelving system which graces all areas with the modern design that allows for ultimate adjustability for all shelf levels. The system is designed for storage areas in which goods are handled by hand.

Small rooms to big warehouses benefits from the storage capacity Angle shelving provides. Detailed compartments can be created with the addition of solid side and back panels. Then each shelf can be divided even further with solid steel dividers. Tool trays optimize the system even more. Small parts and filling is ideal for the standard shelving sizes.


Angle shelving consists of posts and shelves that bolts together with ease.

Shelves are available in various depths from 300mm to 900mm while the width is a standard 900mm. A design feature allows the uniformly distributed loading capacity per shelf to range comfortably to 160Kg each.

With the slotted angle posts our system allows full adjustability of all shelving levels to suite any heights of items that may be required to store.

The basic system requires as little as shelves and posts to be functional. Although the system can be customized by adding back and side panels as necessary to create enclosed storage compartments. Each shelf can also be divided by installing dividers.

Accessories make the system even more user friendly. Dividers divide each shelf in compartments and to create "bin" there is also the option of adding bin front panels on the edge of the shelf. Tool trays allow the separation of small parts while optimising the space available on each shelf.


Finish: Angle shelving components are phosphate pre-treated, then powder coated and baked to give a glossy, durable high-quality finish. 'House' colours and galvanised finish available on request.

Material: Angle shelving components are made from high quality steel. Every stage in the manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality procedures, developed through years of experience.

We use high quality steel and state of the art manufacturing technology, and our entire Angle shelving undergoes stringent quality control.

Angle shelving provides:

  • Offers good value for money.
  • Easy assembly and stable structure.
  • Ideal space for small parts and filling
  • Durable and safe for all areas of storage.
  • Provides the most basic all-purpose storage.
  • Is ideal for applications in which containment and continuity are essential.
System Name
Angle Shelving
Description of System
Steel posts and shelves
Common Sizes
Shelf depth = 380mm, Shelf width = 900mm, Post height = 2100mm
Type of items stored on system
Small cartons or parts
Load by hand or forklift
Load by hand
Load capacities
100kg to 160kg UDL per shelf
Story of system
Angle Shelving is ideal to optimize space from small rooms to big warehouses for small parts and boxes that is accessed by hand.