Optima Storage Solutions

Optima Storage Solutions was started in 2008 by Cullem McKay and Charles Langeveld, combined boasting more than 25 years experience in the supply chain management and racking industry. Knowledge and expertise, which has been gained by having worked for both local and international internal logistics companies.

Our goal has been to offer small to medium sized company’s professional advice and assistance in planning their warehouse storage solutions. This, coupled this with our extensive product range has enabled us to provide a complete storage solution at an affordable price.

Optima Storage Solutions prides itself on its ability to customise any storage solution for its valued customers. From the largest most complex design layouts for a super distribution centre to a couple of storage shelves in a customer’s garage. Our hi-tech production facility on the West Rand has the capacity and flexibility to meet with your requirements.

The company has grown significantly since its humble beginnings in 2008, and in 2010 we signed an agreement with ROS International Rack Repair Systems in the Netherlands. Under this, ROS International South Africa was formed to offer the ROS International On-the-Spot Rack Repair System to the South African market..

We provide a full range of professional storage solutions including:

ROS International rack repair system

We supply the required products at the most competitive prices for you. We respect your requirements and therefore we work with you. We take the pressure of the client with our turnkey solutions. We plan a job, execute it to perfection and see it thru to the end.

Racking Repairs

The definitive solution for the repair of damaged & deformed warehouse racks

Damaged or deformed racks are often a reason for concern as they can cause a multitude of problems in your warehouse, both in terms of security and logistics. Whatsmore, generally speaking, to substitute the damaged uprights usually ends up being a complicated, laborious and costly task.

After carrying out exhaustive studies, ROS developed a restoration method, which makes the substitution of damaged racks avoidable. This innovative system permits the repair of rack uprights, even with maximum pallet loads, and most essentially, in compliance with safety standards established by law.

Thanks to this patented system developed by ROS, damaged racks can now be returned to their original state, without the need to be unloaded or dismantled.

No disruption or delays to production time, repairs completed in 30 minutes.
No extra parts are used or replaced.
Up to 50% on a replacement.

Works under maximum pallet load!